My Digital Wirral Go to Merseyside Business Expo 2018

We arrived at the ACC Liverpool for around 10am; doors had been open an hour at this point.

Due to a mix up on our registration, we were asked for tickets that had not been sent to us. After a few moments of discussion, we were allowed through with brochure in hand.

Initial thoughts when walking in were that the event wasn’t quite as big as we expected. Whether this was our own preconceptions of a business expo or the promo beforehand, I’m not sure. The event space itself was modest but well laid out. On our arrival, it was not particularly busy but still there was plenty of engagement at the stalls.

We quickly beelined for the café at the back of the hall for a hot drink, then set about exploring the hall.

Unable to miss the behemoth shiny new Biffa bin wagon to the right of the hall, we were introduced to one of the event’s sponsors. A photo opportunity too great to miss, we then carried on.

Merseyside Business Expo 2018

The event consisted roughly of a collection of small accountancies, digital marketing agencies, business insurance companies, company-car providers and everything in-between. We had a good chat with the person from the University of Lancashire about apprenticeships in the workplace, and conversed with and received a business card from an office furniture provider (we’re determined to get stand up desks in our office).

We also spoke to Formby Hall about the facilities they offer for Christmas parties and team events. We’re already booked for Christmas this year, but couldn’t resist grabbing a brochure on the way out (we can dream right?).

Liverpool Business Expo 2018

By this point, the hall had started to fill up, with more conversations taking place – the hall generally felt a lot busier. And with that, we left. Having spent about a mere hour and half there, we felt we had covered all bases.

Does Liverpool have a new business expo worthy to contend with the others? It’s looking likely, but next year it really will need to have more on offer to compete with the bigger shows already taking place in the city.