Featured Wirral Business: Owen Drew Candles

My Digital Wirral spoke to the founder of Owen Drew Candles – Drew Cockton and asked him some questions about his business, how he got started and running a business online.

What inspired your business venture?

My business, Owen Drew Luxury Candles, was inspired by my lack of satisfaction with the offering from high street brands of candles. I hated that they were so dirty, owing to the fact they are produced from paraffin based petroleum wax. I also hated how poorly they burned and the disappointing scent throw, so I set about making my own candles from entirely natural soy wax and scenting them generously with essential oils. The difference was huge and soon after I started selling them, the demand blew me away.

Owen Drew Candles

Did you experience any difficulties or challenges whilst starting up your business?

I was working full time when I started the business so it was hard work. I also struggled with people not taking me seriously – mainly family and some colleagues. I think often when you do something brave, some people will you to fail. I had so many people asking me with disbelief how I could possibly compete in such a crowded market place but this made me all the more determined to succeed!

What does the New Year have in store for Owen Drew Candles?

We have lots of exciting plans including our new Romeo & Juliet Inspired Valentines Collection, featuring a candle spiked with Deadly Nightshade. We will also be releasing bath and body products as well as our first signature perfume.

What sets your candles apart from other well-established candle brands?

What sets us apart is that our candles are not mass produced. They are made with love and care in small batches. We also use only natural products meaning they are a lot more expensive to produce but the quality is clear to see.

Did you face any difficulties when you first launched your website?

Yes, template websites are good to a point but as your business grows, they can be very limited.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their business online?

My advice would be not to pay for traditional advertising (magazines, radio, newspapers) but instead invest in sponsored advertising on social media.

Check out the Owen Drew Candles store at www.owendrewcandles.com or follow them on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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