Featured Wirral Business: Little Miss P

My Digital Wirral spoke to Marianne – the founder of Wirral business Little Miss P and asked her some questions about her business.

What inspired your business venture?

Quite simply, I needed a change in careers. Changes in my personal life meant I couldn’t work full time hours within an office setting. So starting up my own business, where I could choose the hours & time I worked, felt like the best option.

Did you experience any difficulties or challenges whilst starting up your business?

There has been lots! Even though I had studied retail marketing at university, I literally had no clue how to set up and run a business. I was lucky enough to receive support from the Women’s Organisation in Liverpool, along with the Government’s New Enterprise Allowance. I have also gained invaluable support and advice from the networking group BizMums. Without their support, I probably would have given up years ago!

We know you’ve studied fashion – why did you choose to specialise in children’s wear over women’s wear?

I chose kidswear mainly because I had a lack of space! My business was run from our dining room table so making smaller scale clothing was an easier option than women’s wear. But if I had the space, I would have loved to create women’s wear instead!

What does the New Year have in store for Little Miss P?

This year has gone by so quickly already! Since the beginning of 2018, there had been less demand for my children’s wear ranges, but I was getting asked for other handmade items instead. So I launched a gift range, and a range of reusable items that can help reduce the amount of single use plastics in your daily routine. These have proven really popular. I’m also kept busy making travel purses for another small business called Freyaluna and working on my customer orders. I’ve been working on my Etsy shop a lot this year as well.

Whilst building your brand from the ground up – how did you approach marketing your brand to start off with?

I created my social media presence quite early on, along with a fully transactional website. I have also marketed myself the old fashioned way at craft fairs and artisan events. I also network as I feel that helps me get across my passion for my business by being able to tell people about me.

Do you have any exciting events coming up in the future?

I’m going to be at this year’s Summer Arts Market on June 1st which is ace recognition for my business.

What particular challenges did you encounter when balancing motherhood and business?

I’m not sure I can successfully answer that as I always feel I have lots of plates spinning! I spend half my week looking after my two year old, and the other half creating for Little Miss P. I also work late into the evenings after I have put the kids to bed. I’m lucky that I do have this flexibility as it wouldn’t be possible in a 9-5 job.

How does your offering differ from existing children’s wear brands?

The children’s wear I offered was a take on classic styles that I wore as a child in the 1980s (just a bit less frilly!). My biggest thing, is that an item has to be practical and functional – I think that is my Yorkshire-ness! So the garments had to be fun but easy to wear and care for. My need for functionality has continued into my eco-friendly range, where the items are desirable and nice to look at, but they also have a use to them.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs who are considering starting up their own business?

Don’t give up! Success can take a while to come but if you are passionate about it, it will happen. And don’t always believe others hype on social media, they might not be as successful as you think!


Check out Little Miss P’s products at www.littlemissp.co.uk and follow them on social media: Facebook | Twitter

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