Team Organic Volunteer Skills to Local Library

Libraries are an important part of the community. They provide access to education and information to anyone, and are a contact hub for people who might otherwise become isolated.

Donna Costello is the Social Media Manager at Wirral based digital marketing agency Team Organic. She is volunteering at Wallasey Library to support them in the work that they do.

Books and reading are a big part of the library, but there is a lot going on alongside that provision. “People come to read the newspapers, or to use the computers to go online. The internet is a big draw, with lots of visitors using it for reasons as varied as printing sheet music, to paying bills.”

“There are all sorts of people who come in. Parents want to encourage young children with their reading, but buying books can be expensive. The children’s library is colourful, welcoming and well stocked, and runs events that really engages them.”

What’s apparent is the social aspect of the library. People who might not necessarily want a conversation, but want to feel like they’re at least amongst others can find the library a refuge from isolation.

Donna is volunteering her digital marketing and IT skills and experience to help library visitors get the most of each visit. Computer literacy is a big part of the provision, but also general advice, and signposting the functions of the library service.

“There are so many reasons why libraries are important and integral to our communities.”