How to Make Your Shopfront More Inviting to Customers

Having a shop on the high street doesn’t necessarily mean you will have plenty of customers. With lots of other shops to compete with, you need to ensure your shopfront stands out.

If you’re looking to pull more customers into your store and have been having no success, there are a couple of easy steps you can take to make your shopfront more appealing.

Keep it clean

We all know this is easier said than done but making sure your store is sparkling clean will have a huge impact on the number of customers you pull in. Nobody wants to walk into a dirty store or even an untidy one.

Many stores have their own team of cleaners to ensure the shop stays in good shape – this is something especially important if you sell any foodstuffs.

Put your best wares out front

If possible you want to show your customers the best you have to offer as soon as they see your shop, this results in your store looking more appealing and leaving a lasting impression.

Think of it as a car dealership, you’ll rarely walk past and see their bargain motors out front, you’ll see the best they have to offer, brand new Jaguars, Range Rovers and BMWs – the type of cars you’ll see on your way home and think “I’d love one of those”.

Having your best items on display will help pull in customers that want ‘only the best’, but don’t be afraid to put out some items on sale too. Some people are simply after a bargain.

Which angle you go for will largely depend on your target market. If you’re going after the luxury market, then highlight the best products you have. If you are going for those looking for the best deal, highlight special offers on high-quality products.

Advertise outside your store if possible

Sometimes stores fall foul to in-house marketing. It’s great to have offers displayed in your store alongside promotions on your website, but sometimes you’ll just end up advertising to your existing customers and not pulling in new ones.

Advertising in the shop window is a great idea but be careful. Too many advertisements can sometimes affect the overall look of the storefront, especially if you’re going for a specific design or theme.

If you have a carpark, why not try hanging some adverts from the lights, gates or walls? If your store is part of a complex of other stores this can sometimes pull in customers passing by.

To reach even more customers, an even better idea is to make these advertisements visible from the roadside that passes your store.

These are only a few ideas to spruce up your shopfront to make it more inviting, 90% of the battle is simply getting the customer to enter the store, once they are there the likelihood that they make a purchase will be higher.

There are countless ideas out there that can help boost the appeal of your store, we’ve tried to list perhaps some of the easier and cheaper ones to get you started.

Have you used any of these ideas and had success? Has something completely different worked for you? Let us know down in the comments below, it’s always great to hear tips from other business owners.