Networking with Netwalking

As the name suggests, ‘netwalking’ is the combination of networking and walking. Think your typical networking event but take it outdoors and get moving. Networking al fresco, if you like.

It’s by no means a new concept but something which has seen another influx in popularity of late – but why? Is it a good way to boost productivity or is it all just a fad? Let’s investigate…

Why has netwalking become so popular?

As with most trends and hot topics, there isn’t really one definitive factor that the peaks and troughs in netwalking’s popularity can be accredited to. However, there are three main elements that are all pretty safe bets…

It’s good for the planet – People are becoming more and more eco-conscious. Networking outdoors reduces the number of people occupying offices and event spaces, burning through gas, electricity and water.

It’s good for our health and wellbeingVelux released some research not so long ago showing that we now spend 90% of our time inside, dubbing us the ‘Indoor Generation’. Netwalking allows us to get outside more, breathe some fresh air, and get the blood pumping whilst ramping up our step count. This is all vital for things like cognitive function, physical mobility, weight control and banishing fatigue.

Just because we can– The working world is becoming more flexible and agile by the minutes. No longer does networking have to mean milling about one room, hopping from person to person in the confines of four walls. Options have opened and horizons have expanded – taking advantage of this is a no-brainer.

The other benefits of netwalking                                   

The rewards don’t just stop at the planet, wellbeing and increased agility either – hopping on board the good ship netwalking also means you can:

  • Improve concentration as your mental focus is heightened
  • Feel more creative and inspired
  • Meet more forward-thinking people who aren’t afraid of change or trying something new
  • Feel more at ease if you’re an introvert easily overwhelmed by a room full of new faces
Top tips to make netwalking work for your business 

Not got the foggiest where to start when it comes to netwalking? Here are some pointers to guide you down the right path, literally…

  • Map out your route beforehand so you aren’t distracted by your surroundings or getting lost
  • Save it for intimate groups or 1-2-1 conversations – or split off into smaller groups
  • Read up on any documents or notes beforehand so you’re well equipped before setting off
  • Follow up with an introductory email when you’re back at the desk to consolidate with a digital connection too
  • Don’t forget to pop some business cards in your pocket!

Have you tried netwalking before, or is it something you’re looking to do more of going forward? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or join us over on Twitter or Facebook.