Why Your Business Needs a Content Strategy (and how to make one)

What is content?

In the digital marketing world, content is information shared online for an audience. It can be written word, video, images, infographics, a case study, a pod cast…

The idea is that your audience find your published content, and then find you and the services or products you can provide. It doesn’t always have to be news about your own activities.

It might not always be obvious how to do this, but don’t be afraid to be creative. For example? A plumber could provide an update about a new Government scheme to replace boilers, and how the company can help.

How to make sure your content is getting read

Putting your content on the internet is a start, but with so much new content appearing online every day, you might find yourself getting lost in the crowd. This is where your content strategy comes in. Having an organised approach sounds like another unwanted task on what is probably an eye-watering to-do list, but it’s definitely worth it (we promise).

Writing Content for the Right Audience

Having a proper understanding of who is actually using your products and services will give you a better idea of who to pitch your content at. Basically, who are they, and what do they want to read?

Thinking you know who your customers are is a common mistake, and most people are surprised to discover the real demographic of their audience. Getting some proper information is essential; use Google Analytics, a survey, or poll social media – whatever works for you.

What Topics and Keywords Should your Content Include?

Keywords are a big part of what makes your content appear in search results. You want to understand what your customers are looking for, and make sure you use those as your keywords, or cover them as topics.

For example, a physiotherapist might write content about the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric as a way of connecting with people who are in pain, and make them aware of other solutions that are available.

The important thing here is not just volume, but the right sort of volume. Using high-traffic keywords is great, but the chances are everyone else will also be using them. Look at the niche terms which apply to your topic and business.

Scheduling Your Content

Another good way to build a regular audience is to be reliable. Plan when you are going to publish new content, and what it is going to be. This helps you to get everything ready, and with enough time for a double check of any clangers.

If you plan something, and then a news story breaks that is relevant, you can always cover that instead, and reuse your planned content another time.

There are lots of online apps that can help you schedule your content, or even publish it for you when it’s time. Making a list somewhere, having a spreadsheet, or marking it in your diary also works.

If this sounds daunting, or you just don’t have time but want to upgrade your blog or social media content, we might be able to help. Contact Team Organic for more information.