7 of the Most Innovative Tech Businesses in the North West

Innovate tech businesses are building up around us quicker than we can count them, which is why we thought it’s high time they got the recognition they deserve.

Without further ado here are seven of the most innovative tech businesses the North West has to offer.


Possibly one of the coolest tech businesses on this list is Liverpool-based Swapbots.

Swapbots are toy-makers of a digital kind who bring their creations to life through the use of augmented reality.

Their collectible toys are made up of building blocks, which when scanned through their app, take on a new lease of life as an interactive video game. Both multi-player and single-player options are available, so kids are even able to play with friends and their creations.

Unicorns, hawks and octopuses are all available, and in battle mode kids (or you!) can save their bots from enemy attack looking to steal ‘Bolts’.

Have a peek at the toys they produce here: http://www.swapbots.co

Reason Digital

Reason Digital are the business focused on combatting social issues with tech, taking a “human-centred” approach to design.

The Manchester-based company work with businesses of all sizes to help bring about social change, whether that’s by building a website for a charity or helping engage an audience for an individual who wants to improve the world.

Reason Digital say: “We use digital to help build a better world – we’ve created apps that keep sex workers safe, built award-winning websites for some of the best known charities in the UK, and started a digital revolution in charity shop donations.”

You can check out all the good work they do over on their website: https://reasondigital.com

Evoke Creative

Evoke Creative design and manufacture technology on a huge scale, crafting the innovative tech solutions we see every day.

Their portfolio includes manufacturing part of the McDonalds self-service kiosk range, creating Google’s visitor check-in kiosks and Creation Gift’s automatic mug and gift personaliser, where customers are able to upload their picture or message and have their design printed in minutes.

Have a look at the other work the Wirral-based business do on their website: http://evoke-creative.com

Trak Global Group

Trak Global Group, based in Crewe, is a telematics solutions provider currently operating in six countries.

The company use telematics and big data to make roads safer with the creation of black boxes for cars. These are used by insurance companies to monitor driving, for fleet management, stolen vehicle recover and to detect impact to a car. As well as the hardward, Trak Global Group have created an app that works in a similar way.

They say: “Our capability spans product design through to data analytics, and our market-leading app technologies mean we’re ideally placed to capitalise on the convergence of OEMs, insurers and consumers around both connected car and new usage-based mobility models.”

Check out the work they do over on their website: http://www.trakglobalgroup.com

The Webinar Vet

Liverpool-based The Webinar Vet are changing the way vets learn about their profession and interact with industry leaders.

They cut out the need to travel to gain a Veterinary CPD (Continuing Professional Development), meaning fewer expenses and less time required off work.

They do this by delivering courses straight to your computer in the form of online webinars. A host of experienced webinar tutors guide vets through the processes, while also offering the opportunity for uses to ask any questions.

Learn more about what the folks at The Webinar Vet do here: https://www.thewebinarvet.com


For freelancers and small businesses looking to sort their finances and manage taxes easily, Pandle is here to help.

The cloud accounting software solution, based in Wirral, offer intuitive, sophisticated and easy to use software. They focused on delivering a service that won’t intimidate smaller businesses with unnecessary functions, instead providing the only the features they will need.

Pandle also offers a white labelling service for accountants, so they can offer the software to their own clients alongside their branding.

Find out more about them on their website: https://www.pandle.co.uk


And last but not least is Manchester’s very own content platform LADBible.

Having grown from our favourite meme-sharing Facebook page to a fully-fledged journalism outlet, LADBible is a company using tech to promote their own platform and conquer the world of social media.

With one of the highest reaches of any journalism outlet on Facebook, LADBible delivers up to date news on their platform thanks to their team of staff journalists and with a devoted section to technology, it’s clear to see that they’re paving the way for future content creators, edging away from the traditional print publications we know all too well.

If you haven’t already seen it, you can keep updated on the latest news over on their website: http://www.ladbible.com

What are the innovative tech businesses you’re excited about? Drop us a comment in the box below or come and tell us over on Twitter.