Why Content is a Reliable Marketing Technique in 2018

There are many different aspects to a good SEO marketing plan, and one of the important ones is content.

It’s a huge aspect of organic SEO, especially if you’re hoping to grow your business and increase the amount of traffic coming through – that hopefully convert to leads!

However, it seems like search engines are forever changing the rules, and things that used to be important yesterday aren’t today.

If you’re unsure about the relevance of content marketing in 2018, here are some points that could sway you.

Become a resource

Writing content that’s fact-based and insightful to your target audience is a sure fire way to get them coming back to your site for more advice.

We’ve all seen the websites that offer poor content. There’s little solution, minimal accurate grammar and keywords galore. Instead of trying to trick your way to the top of Google as these websites do, you’d be much better off by actually helping out your clients and offering them some much-needed advice in the form of resources.

Gain authority

While you’re working on becoming a resource for your clients and readers, you’ll also be gaining authority as an industry brand.

Other ways that you can build your authority in the industry is to create niche content that won’t apply to as many of your customers but will have a higher chance of being read by those who it does apply to. Keeping up to date on industry news and incorporating this into your blog is also a sure fire way to keep your website on the good side of Google (and your readers).

By becoming an authority you’re also gaining the trust of customers, and this trust is what both sales and customer loyalty are built on.

Guest blogging

By guest blogging, you’re not only helping to increase your own website’s ranking, you’re working on building relationships with other sources and networking – which in turn increases your brand awareness.

This is a reliable type of marketing because so long as you choose the right sites to guest blog on, you’ll be creating connections that will prove that your website is genuine and a highly-regarded resource.

The process of reaching out and finding a blog that replies to you and is happy for a placement can be quite arduous, but once it’s gained it’s certainly worthwhile.

Keep your website active

Content helps to prove that your website is active and adding value on a regular basis, which is all good in Google’s view.

This doesn’t mean you have to write a new post every 4 hours though. Updating your website’s blog once or twice a month is plenty to keep it busy, although you may choose to post more if you have more to say!

Regular posting also encourages engagement from your followers, which means you’re more likely to get shares on social and comments on your website.

How does your business use content marketing? Do you have your own blog on your website? Maybe you write guides that your customers can use as resources? Join the conversation below.