10 Ways to Increase Your Business’ Twitter Engagement

When you’re organizing your Twitter strategy, there can be numerous objectives you want to complete.

You might want to increase your number of followers, encourage engagement or to grow the number of people heading through to the website – or most likely you want to do all three!

It can be difficult to take it one step at a time and focus on just one of the above, so the best thing to do is look at which one will have the most impact overall.

The answer? Undoubtedly your Twitter engagement.

An increase in engagement allows for even more interaction from other users, which subsequently means more people coming through to your profile and potentially clicking through to your website.

Twitter engagement is also important for raising your brand awareness as you’re then able to appear in more people’s timelines in general.

With all this in mind, you may want to take on board some of the following points about how you can increase your Twitter engagement and give your brand a nudge in the right direction.

1. Engage with other content

On social, you need to take the mentality of ‘scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’.

Twitter is a community and like in any other community, you should always treat those how you want to be treated.

That means engaging with others when they post about something you find interesting, or about something that you think you can add value to.

It could be a like, retweet or a comment – either way you’ll be helping someone out, which will work out in your favour when it comes to sharing your own content.

2. Avoid rambling tweets

Twitter’s maximum tweet limit might have increased to 280 characters, but that doesn’t you have to fill it all of the time.

While you can post longer tweets if necessary, one of the things users like about Twitter is the brevity of content – and shorter, easier to digest tweets are always preferable as a result.

Try to say what you need to in a minimum of characters, rather than adding on words simply because you now can.

3. Always respond to people

If someone tweets at you, you should reply. This is an effective way of putting across your brand and increasing awareness as well as showing you have time for those who have questions.

Failing to respond to someone who speaks to you can mean you come across as ignorant or simply unresponsive, which won’t win you any favours in terms of customer service.

4. Seek out your stats

There are some questions you should automatically ask when you’re managing a Twitter account.

When are your peak hours? What retweets have garnered the best response in the past? Is there are format that’s most popular with your followers?

Finding out the answers to these questions can put you on the path for Twitter engagement success, especially if you use the data to your advantage.

Make use of Twitter analytics to see where you’re going wrong and where you can improve. Then use this information to your advantage!

5. Try out ads

Once you’ve experimented with organic posts and have a firm footing on knowing what posts will garner a good amount of engagement, you can go one step further and try out Twitter Ads.

These obviously cost you more than working organically but can help give you that much-needed boost when required.

6. Add value

One of the most important points to take away from this list is that whatever you’re posting, you need to ensure you’re adding value to the platform.

This is true of any social media strategy, but when you’re looking to increase engagement it’s especially important.

Do thorough research of what other companies post and what gets good engagement. Usually they have their own original personality and way of responding, which is often more colloquial than you would expect.

7. Don’t inundate your followers

When you’re on Twitter it can be tempting to schedule as many posts as possible so that you’re reaching as many people as you can.

While posting at regular intervals is certainly recommended to keep your page visible, posting incessantly is not.

This can simply irritate your followers – they don’t want to follow you exclusively, they simply want to hear when you have something of interest to say.

8. Use Twitter’s features

Don’t use Twitter simply for the sake of it. Other users will soon see through this and drop off quickly.

Instead, make use of everything they offer, including the features you might not have considered before.

Social platforms often introduce new features in efforts to bring people to their platform, which can be a great way to encourage engagement. For instance, using the poll feature can help you hear the thoughts of your followers as they don’t have to go to the trouble of writing a reply.

9. Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are an integral part of Twitter. They define the platform and have really made it what it is today. That’s why you should include them in every tweet you write.

By doing this you’re able to gain a wider audience for your tweet. As long as you use a relevant hashtag these will be people who are looking for content similar to that which you’re posting.

10. Share videos and photos

A huge point of engagement on any social platform is videos and photos.

Video content is without doubt the future of news and media and the same goes for businesses looking to share posts.

Not only is a video more likely to be watched than other content, but they’re also more likely to be reacted to. Something this visual encourages people to respond and interact as it’s often more emotive.

What tricks do you use to increase your Twitter engagement? Drop us a comment in the section below.