Small Business Tech Trends in 2018

Technology, as ever, is transforming the way in which we do business. No matter what line of work you operate in, you need to make sure you’ve got the right tech on board. 2018 is going to see a development of some tech trends, and the beginning of others. Here’s where we’ve got our eyes set:


If you ever feel like you’re chatting with a computer, you probably are – but with good reason. Online chatbots save time, streamline processes, and make customer service easy. If customer service takes up a big chunk of your time it may be time to get a chatbot helping you out.


If not chatbots, then cobots are worth watching in 2018. In short a ‘collaborative robot’ is designed to work alongside actual real life employees. We’re probably not going to see them mainstream in 2018 but don’t discount these clever little dudes – they are gaining ground.

Reality Shifts

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AT) are set to continue making inroads in to business life. Being made possible by more powerful mobile tech, we’re going to see both VR and AR making more of an impact in marketing and sales.

Facial Recognition

Apple’s iPhone X is changing the way we manage our tech security. No more trying to remember twenty gazillion passwords with varying numbers, characters and symbols – your face will do it for you.

Mobile Payments

Over the last few years there’s been a dismantling of the barriers to payment and now it’s simple and involves just a few taps. Mobile payments continue to make things easier for customers to buy. If you don’t enable them, your customers may just go elsewhere.


We’re not convinced Blockchain will completely take off in 2018, but it’s definitely looming on the horizon and making waves. Blockchain is a way of recording transactions which are made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Talking gobbledygook? Get Googling!

The Internet of Things

Yes it’s a buzz phrase that’s doing our nut, but the reality is that it’s actually kind of important for small businesses. By using smart technology to cut out the additional and laborious processes that take up our time (such as reordering printer ink), you can see why it makes sense to use the IoT to your advantage.

Tech in Transportation

This is definitely one to watch in 2018. The Government has pledged millions for electric car development as well as driverless vehicles. Alongside this there’s tougher rules being put in place on companies such as Uber with various cities not giving them a licence to operate. Transport solutions are therefore changing.  Perhaps your business will be at the frontline of the next development?

Automation in Food Ordering

Walk in to a high street McDonalds and you’re more likely to be welcomed by an iPad than a person. This is a trend set to continue in many dining establishments. It’ll become increasingly the norm to be able to order your food on a screen or on your mobile. With this comes more opportunity for customisation. For businesses this cuts down on labour and streamlines ordering and transactions. If you’re in the food business, take note.


Which tech trends will you be part of in 2018?